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December Horrorscopes!

This month’s segment is dedicated to the Year of the Pickpocket. Swiping and swindling is your forte. It’s time to get those fingers sticky and spy on only the wealthiest.  … Continue reading

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Smear Campaign TV Line Up

Here is a list of shows you might not watch but love to talk about with your friends. Orange is the New Black– Not since The Green Mile has prison looked … Continue reading

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Doctor Cynthia Levine is a graduate of the College of Mental Telepathy and Astrology, where she majored in Herbal Tea Chemistry and Urban Meditation. After college she started her own … Continue reading

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Witchcraft History Highlights

From Bette Midler to Melissa Joan Hart, there have been a bevy of famous witches running amuck through history. Where did it all begin, you ask? Let’s start in a … Continue reading

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Searching for an Identity in a Hair Color

Each morning most of us wake with one question dancing wildly through our mind: how to arrange the mop, bob, or bouffant that rests on top of our skull? (My … Continue reading

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Things I Learned Before Noon

Before the afternoon sun set into a sidewalk sizzle I was able to obtain some slightly useful information about some of my fellow female street stompers. 1.) Young women are … Continue reading

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Sixteen and Shoplifting

Anytime someone goes undercover there is bound to be drama. With every great business comes the great threat of thievery. To help control the problem many retailers employ a secret … Continue reading

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