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Man Bun Mannequin

I arrived in Brussels on a layover before a train to Amsterdam earlier in the week. Most of the men I walked past looked like they accessorized almost exclusively from Clarie’s. There were guys wearing headbands I fought my mother tooth and nail to keep off my head as a defiant six year old. School girl style earrings on the upper cartilage of the ears, bobby pined pony tails, and tiny rubber bands keeping Prince Valiant hair from their eyes dominate most of the male displays of head fashion.

Probably the most obnoxious thing I have seen on my solo journey throughout Europe was a mannequin in a shop window that had a man bun glued to its naturally bald, plastic head. I repeat; a man bun on a mannequin. I didn’t know that it was possible to be embarrassed for inanimate objects but I really felt for this H&M window display. He must have been the laughing stock of the high street.

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