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Tia and Tamara Yard Sale!!

Tia and Tamera Mowry are finally off to college, but not before they can get rid of some serious material baggage. It is going to be hard for the twins to part with so many classic Mowry family treasures, like little brother Tahj’s leather bound Britannica collection. Tia’s Lucky charm bracelet that her biological mother put around her wrist before abandoning the toddler at a hardware store is going to be hard to part with, and that very special glittered graduation cap Tamara found on the set of her first appearance on Family Matters falls into the priceless category, but the dorm rooms at Skorts University demand that incoming freshmen bring a minimal amount of personal belongings to better achieve academic success.

Since many of the items are going for market value gypsy prices, one of the highlights being an original Bina-Bina Polywog TY Beanie Baby, junk collectors are expected to be gathered outside of the Mowry estate as early as 5:30am. Parking in the neighbor’s driveway is strictly prohibited and violators of this policy will be prosecuted.

This is an exciting chance to access some unforgettable memorabilia from the Sister, Sister Television series. The hand selected, $5 grab-and-go bags put together by the twins themselves are truly amazing. Each bag is filled with rare and enduring mementos from Tia and Tamara’s quirky past. Do not miss this yard sale that promises to be as colorful as Tia and Tamara’s career on the WB.

Other Sale Items Include:
* Plenty of white scrunchy socks
* Multiple multicolored wrist watches
* Personal journal entries
* One hamburger shaped telephone
* A twin set of Lisa Frankenstein Trapper Keepers
* An assorted mix of rainbow colored Yikes pencils
* Tia’s birthstone choker necklace
* Tamara’s ‘House of Blues’ charm bracelet
* Book of Sleepy’s Staten Island Pizzzzzzzza coupons
* Endless supply of flower patterned bucket hats and vacation magnets!
* Rodger’s sneakers
* Duel Kid’s Choice Awards, both signed by Rosie O’Donnell
*Potato Mountain board game

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