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Smear Campaign TV Line Up

Here is a list of shows you might not watch but love to talk about with your friends.

Orange is the New Black– Not since The Green Mile has prison looked so fun. High school behind bars. Prison party! P.S. No one should ever be named Piper. 

True Blood– Uhh, that theme song…”Wanna do a bad bad thing”…trying to be a bayou Sopranos. Lifetime Movie Network has a better special effects team. Are we really going to let this show flourish for seven seasons? We’ll look back with scorn, I guarantee you.

Melissa & Joey– This plot line might have cut it back in the Caroline In the City days, but this can no longer pass for entertainment. Who’s gay and who’s straight in this show?

Scandal– So an event planner sleeps with the president and becomes the head of the CIA. Been there, done that. In a wild turn of events Smelly cat Phoebe from Friends becomes a Congresswoman. Only in D.C., y’all.

Dads– Something tells me these guys know how to have fun. Between getting prostate exams and bickering with their sassy mother in laws there isn’t much time to pursue stable relationships with their kids. All the time they spend in Dave’s garage, chugging Keystone Light, reminiscing about their long gone single days, amounts to a hill of beanie weenies.

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