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Liz and Dick drinking game rules:

1.) Gather your choice of cheap vodka in a plastic bottle or black market gin.

2.) No glasses or cups required.
Remove the cap and prepare to guzzle.

3.) Anytime Lindsay Liz throws a bottle against the wall take two shots and a sip of Red Bull.

4.) Anytime Lindsay Liz or Dick Burton take a swinging swig from a bottle do the same. Hold swig for 15 seconds.

5.) When you hear the phrase ‘pudgy digits’ challenge the person to the left of you to a round of thumb war.

6.) By this point a lot of alcohol will have been consumed because there is a ton of glass shattering on wall paper.

7.) Any remaining contestants are encouraged to put the bottle down and grab a glass of water.

8.) If you are awake by the time Lindsay is portraying 1986 Liz Taylor consider yourself the winner.

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