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Smear Summer TV Schedule

When the sun gets so hot that your perm melts then you know it is time to cuddle up to your cable box and waste those lazy days and nights away on the couch watching only the most entertaining programs. Here is a complementary guide to some of our favorite television shows.


10am: A Kitchen Without a Cook

4pm: America Invented Talent

8pm: Hideous Maria


3pm: The Workplace

5pm: Lawlessness and Disorder

7pm: 53 Minutes


2pm: America’s Sleaziest Home Videos

4pm: How I Seduced Your Grandmother

6pm: Last Alcoholic Standing


3pm: Colonel Mustard’s Lobotomy

4pm: Are You Smarter Than Sanjaya?

6pm: Extreme Makeover: Trailer Home Edition


2pm: Hair Nets

5pm: Friday Night Flashlights

7pm: Fixing Good


1pm: CPR: Newark

4pm: Big Step-Brother

10pm: Saturday Night Pre-Recorded


Noon: Everybody Hates Meg Ryan

4pm: Desperate Homeless Wives

7pm: Hallmark Movie- Christmas in the Caribbean 

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