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V for Virginity

There are many reasons to hate Teresa Giudice from Real Housewives of New Jersey but on Sunday’s episode in particular she preached one of the most idiotic messages a mother might teach her children.

If emotionally destroying her kids on national television isn’t enough, Teresa took horrible parenting to a new low when discussing menstruation and feminine hygiene with her prepubescent daughter as a camera crew swarmed around them.

According to Teresa, “Tampons are banned from my home for virginity purposes.”

She went on to tell her 10-year old daughter that she must wear a bulky pad until marriage because inserting a Tampax might somehow compromise her fragile virginity. If I were Teresa, I would be more concerned about the overpriced miniature hooker outfits my four daughters were dancing around in instead of fearing the corruption of a plastic applicator filled with cotton.

Teresa considers herself to be an old school Italian, which I am assuming means that she was born before any current cast member on The Jersey Shore, so life is lived by some ancient code that has no relevance to a child growing up in the 21st century. Sure, fill your daughter’s stomachs with old world recipe meatballs and marinara but do not fill their heads with ridiculous myths about their bodies because you are too lazy to evolve as a parent.

Usually these type of reality shows bring me a great amount of joy as I watch these incredibly unimportant people parade their internal and external drama all over my television screen, but this episode in particular disturbed me greatly. It is one thing to say stupid things behind closed doors, but to display such ignorance in the process of teaching a little girl about the realities of becoming a young woman on national television is absolutely appalling. Teresa should be ashamed, but she isn’t, so for the rest of their time in her care, her daughters will learn that it would be morally objectionable to use a Tampex until she has a ring on her finger. Sound advice from a woman who, according to next weeks episode, thinks that physical therapy and psychotherapy are the same thing.

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