Smear Campaign

Turning Shit into Gold since 2006

Smear Manifesto

Citizens who don’t like their kids, wheelchair kidz, mixed drinks, laughing at old people (not you, Grandma), ski masks, man-voice machines, ugly people kissing, relaxation, metal, weekend trips to Corpus Christi, lazy moms, bra-free Fridays and every other day of the week, bald men, digging for gold, side shows, airplane smell, Halloween, chaos, dissension, county fairs, books about Boy Scouts, making ka-pow bombs, the 1990s, flea market dates, frumpy women in jock straps, the annual Kid’s Choice Awards, Las Vegas, Lindsay Lohan (a.k.a. LIN LO), Mussolini, Planet Hollywood, the awesome ‘crag, President Millard Fillmore, prop closet retardation, Rosie O’Donnell, stuffed bra Summertime Correspondence, wispy bangs, Blossom hats, spinsters who eat ice cream out of Garfield mugs every night on their couches.

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This entry was posted on May 2, 2012 by in All the Funny Things, Ellyn Ussery, Smear Stuff.

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