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Molten Ruffles

Bullshit snacks are a field in which I am comfortable commenting on. There are times when the urge to consume a crunchy, salty nibble overtakes me so strongly that if a trip to the corner store is not made immediately there will be sever reverse diabetic consequences.

The other day I was browsing through the crunchy corn chip section when a bag so deliciously repulsive popped out at me that there was no way i was walking out of that corner store empty handed.

Frito Lay has really done it this time with their devilish Molten Hot Wing flavored chips. They are more addictive Flaming Hot Cheetos and even more tasty than Pringles pizza pockets. Each bite is like licking your fingers after a bowl of sauce soaked Hooters buffalo wings. Although indigestion is a guarantee they are easily balanced out with a bag of the Ruffles Chili Cheese Fries sister chip. Fight fire with fire for best digestible results.

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