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Jankity Candle

While searching endless websites dedicated to group coupons and once in a lifetime buffet-plus-tokens offers, I Googled upon one offering large living room candles at reasonable prices.

Jankity Candle, the self-professed evil twin of the notoriously popular Yankee Candle corporation, offers offensive and repulsive candles with appropriate names, depicting the indecent aromas that emanate from their diabolically-crafted wax melting scent sticks.

If quality in a product means nothing to you than these are the candles your nostrils have been waiting for. If discount had a smell I am sure it would be similar to the Items listed below:

*Smegma Sunrise
*Bile Drip Dreams
*Sensual Poo Leather
*Trash Compactor Delight
*Body Odor Burst
*Underarm Lilac Lump
*Backwoods Litter Box
*Cyst Surprise
*Mango Mold Mobile Home

Did I mention that with each purchase of a 8 X 11 inch candle comes two highly flammable wall outlet smell dispensers? Well it does, so there I said it.

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