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Crowning Larry

For another fabulous blast of summer holiday entertainment fun The movie gods have aligned their cameras and lucky superstars for another film starring Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks. If this is the first time the two overpriced actors have appeared on screen together all I can say is this formula feels familiar.

Hanks plays an ex-Navy Seal who is fired from his job as a supervisor at a storage box store. Due to the demand for more educated employees at the box store, Larry is fired in favor of a more qualified college graduate. Because Larry loves his job so much, and with the lack of job options in the market the upbeat lovable loser enrolls in community college in order regain his paycheck and his credibility.

Considering she is has played a prostitute and a fairy it is no stretch that Julia Roberts portrayals a funky home room speech professor that Larry falls hard for before final exams. Amidst the text book romance Larry joins a motor scooter gang that roams the campus at cool 35 mph. When Larry and his anti-climactic gang pull an end of semester prank that goes horribly wrong, Professor Mercedes begins to rethink interest in her middle-aged student.

I will not ruin the ending of this not-so-enduring movie for you, but all I will tell you is that money buys the power to make incredibly irrelevant movies that empty tour pocket book while you munch on popcorn drenched in space butter.

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