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Pregnant Woman’s Cookies

Having recently acquired over 200 channels of cable television, I have been made increasingly aware of the unnecessary amount of cooked up drama that passes for entertainment these days. Even more annoying than that realization is the fact that instead of planting a tree, taking a CPR class, or offering my money to orphans I instead choose to comb through endless episodes of fame hungry housewives. Needless to say, the quotes below should justify my actions.

Favorite Quotes From Housewives of New Jersey

Season 3: Episode 6
1.) “You probably know I am going to have a drink or two on a Friday or Saturday night.” – 14 year old kid telling his parents his intentions whie renewing his conduct contract.

2.) “Throwing a pregnant woman’s cookies in the garbage is not funny and it’s not a dig, it’s just plain stupid.” – Sister-in-law of New Jersey

3.) “I just want to be Carrie Bradshaw.” – Spoiled 18 year old telling her dad who she aspires to be like every.

4.) “No laundry, no food, no laughter. It’s a hell of a blow.” – Caroline describing her extreme empty nest syndrome.

2 comments on “Pregnant Woman’s Cookies

  1. Alissa Parsley
    June 29, 2011

    “Cover your shoulders. Close your eyes.” But Alex didn’t want to close her eyes. “No!” Kelly barked. “Close your eyes.” Nigh nigh Alex. The poor thing closed her eyes and tried to tell Kelly why she was so upset. If Kelly truly was a sane person this would’ve been an opportune time for her to just walk away so Alex could rant blindly into the desert air. “Open your eyes now!” said Kelly.

    • wordgossip
      June 29, 2011

      Finally, someone who gets it. These shows are so entertaining it kills me. Rant blindly into the desert air is the funniest thing of the week! Kelly is the most obnoxious housewife of them all.

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