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Sniffing Poo

If you thought sniffing glue was the supreme way to get high you were wrong. You might expect that putting your own poop in a paper bag and then letting it sit for twenty days until the Methane gas is ripe for sniffing sounds like a bad idea, but boy were you wrong. Kids all across the country are abandoning the chemicals under the kitchen sink for this new preferred method of blazing.

Instead of wasting time, money and energy  What really happens is this: The butt air you blow into the bottle increases the air pressure, which drives the poop particles into your blood stream for a maximum head rush.

Bong rips are ‘so last year’, according to a teenagers survey taken behind the bleachers of Willowsocks High School in Tammyville, USA. When it comes down to it no one really wants to clean up your poopy mess, especially law enforcement. This is a great way to get high without worrying about losing an expensive piece to the authorities.

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