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Panic at the Disc Golf Park!

On the local news this evening there were no accounts of grizzly car accidents, heated election results, the murder of a public figure, or the wicked weekend weather report. Instead they decided to produce a lead piece about a group of disgruntled disc golfers who wanted their new Frolf (frisbee+golf=Frolf) course built before the summer round robin tournament season arrives. City council was unwilling to comply. The injustice of it all!

Disc golf has got to be the most obnoxious recreational activity of all the public park sports. I can think of at least ten things more worthy of my precious time than tossing neon colored frisbees at cages underneath dog urine stained trees.

In no particular order, 10 things that sound more appealing than playing a round of disc golf;

1.) Give Janet Reno a Brazilian bikini wax.

2.) Get gang raped by a pack of horny dolphins.

3.) Eat a meal prepared and cooked by Courtney Love.

4.) Babysit Hulk Hogan’s grandchildren. 

5.) Take a walk in Helen Keller’s shoes.

6.) Swap chewing gum with a stranger at the bus stop.

7.) Sit in a hot tub with upwards of three senior citizens. 

8.) Rollerblade in public.

9.) Watch every episode of Murder She Wrote…twice.

10.) Listen to the Lion King soundtrack…backwards.

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