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“Lay off the tacos.”

San Antonio, Texas is home to many public scandals that have garnered national media attention over the years. There was the great Gerald Ford tamale husk debacle of ’76, followed by the controversial River Walk Nacho War that divided the community in the late 1980’s, only to be proceeded by the embarrassing capture of Roosevelt’s ghost in the lobby of the Menger Hotel in 1994.

The latest city scandal involves Miss San Antonio, Domonique Ramirez, who recently had her crown stripped away from her following multiple major displays of diva-like, unpageantry behavior. Apparently Miss Ramirez got into the bad habit of skipping school pep rallies, grocery store openings, City Council charity events, photo booth christenings, and the monthly parade float maintenance required of every city beauty queen. On the rare occasion that little Miss SA did attend a scheduled function she was usually escorted by her boyfriend and almost always more than three hours late, a huge no no in the pageant world.

With no end in sight to her unruly antics, pageant organizers decided to step in and stop the madness by giving Domonique’s crown to runner up Ashley Dixon. “Lay off the tacos,” screamed one enraged judge as the former Miss San Antonio left the courtroom downtown Wednesday. Another passerby yelled, “Chips and dips gave you those hips,” as the crownless prima donna ducked into her Hyundai Elantra.

Instead of taking her shame like a true failure, Miss SA decided to whoop up unwarranted media sympathy by telling some national news outlets that she was wrongfully forced to give back her title because officials accused her of being too fat to be a beauty queen. Not cool.

In a city where almost 50% of your adult population is morbidly obese that wolf cry just does not sound too credible.

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