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Don’t Bark at the Wind Before it Blows

Here is a list of nonsense sayings to make you sound wise beyond your years when debating with someone who has too much to say but not enough is coming out of their mouth to make you believe.

1.) Don’t bark at the wind before it blows.

2.) If you can put your mind to it you can wrap your hands around it.

3.) Before the Hindenburg there was Houdini.

4.) Shallow water is good for wading, but not for baptizing.

5.) Twigs won’t stoke a fire that has not already been started.

6.) Dancing is as delicate as delegating. You need a strong leader and a cooperative partner to pull off all of the right moves.

7.) Rope is thicker than wicker for a reason.

8.) Silence is silver if another is in the room.

9.) Jump rope, skip town it’s all the same to me.

10.) If wishes were nuts and dreams were butts we would all have a bowl of granola.

One comment on “Don’t Bark at the Wind Before it Blows

  1. D.d. Riles
    January 31, 2011

    #10!!! Hands down.

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