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Party In the USA

It has finally happened ladies and gentlemen, Miley Cyrus has made her bong hit debut via camera phone! Surprisingly she did not dabble in the illegal narcotic know as Marijuana while partying with some pals in Hollywood. Instead Hanna Montana chose to showcase her hallucinogen skills with a legal plant called Salvia.

Years ago a hippie I worked with told me about his intense Salvia trips that left him able to see through walls and his eventual struggle with a giant snake that wrapped itself around his leg while he laid paralyzed on his hand me down Ikea couch. When I found out that the untamed American pop singer had decided to take on such an intense mental challenge I was more than thrilled to find out that she had been stupid enough to let someone film the escapade.

What I thought would be a hilarious misadventure actually turned out to be a boring circle sitting session with a giggling Miley and her loser friends. Instead of embracing her high all she could chat about was how much some guy in the room looked like her ex-boyfriend. Lame. I was imagining so much more. I guess you can take the hill out of a hillbilly, but you can’t take the Billy out of the girl. Bong hitting + Miley Cyrus X video phone = the future Britney Spears.

One comment on “Party In the USA

  1. D.d. Riles
    January 31, 2011

    You’re waaaaay better at math than you give yourself credit for…

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