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The Vagel

Dr. Scholl’s is known as the master of comfort. In 1987, his scientists turned a failed lab experiment into a viable consumer product that could alleviate lower back pain while also putting cool gel pep in your step. The world of the walking was revolutionized.  The gooey gel shoe insole made wearing high heels on escalators a reality and pounding soccer cleats on gravel an unexpected pleasure.

In their continued efforts to make comfort a priority, Dr. Scholl’s has come up with the latest in bicycle seat cushioning. It is a gel padded panty liner for female riders called the Vagel and it works wonders. Who here hasn’t racked the cross-bar so hard at one time or another that your vagina jumps up into your throat, your eyes want to bug out of your skull and breath escapes you. Ladies, if you know what I am talking about then the Vagel is definitely the protection you need while cruising the streets on two wheels.

Choose from the three panty liner options; unscented, pine, or aqua sweat and pedal with all the confidence of a catcher wearing a cup at home plate.

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