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The sacred art of making and completing a task list is something I love and loath with all of the contradiction of a wolf guarding a hen-house. Without one written up as a guide to the day’s activities it is easy to linger in a languorous state of anti-productivity, but with a ‘to do’ list on hand even the stalest of tasks can be spiced up by their sudden visible importance on the page.

One of my favorite errands to run that almost always pops up on my list is going to the bank. Do not ask me why, but there is something supremely enjoyable about the friendly conversation with the teller that makes me giddy. It gets even better if there is a reason to go sit in one of those three-sided cubicles. Maybe I will sign up for a credit card, maybe I won’t, but at least I know that bank teller Jennifer, or Jessica or John had a great weekend.

Aside for the ability to stay on task when there is a check list in my possession there is some concern when the first thing I complete is ‘watch Jersey Shore’. Even though the show is basically an alcohol laced, reality based gym, tan, laundry check list it does not excuse the fact that I watched the show before I paid the electric bill or picked my grandma up from the airport on time.

Then there is the nasty habit of adding tasks I take care of on a whim for the sole purpose of scratching another one off of the lineup. It almost defeats the purpose of creating a list in the first place. Sometimes I feel like I get more done this way than following a set of ‘to dos’ because there is that instant satisfaction of making the list longer with scratched off accomplishments.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the making of a ‘to do’ list they almost always keep me out of trouble. They keep the lackadaisical demons at bay and they make running the most mundane errands a ton more fun.

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This entry was posted on October 21, 2010 by in All the Funny Things.

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