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When I hear the word ‘tacky’ I immediately think of two things that fit into that category; the first being the tacky trend of wearing cowboy boots with skirts or shorts (aka the worst fashion disaster since Ugg boots hit the runway), and the second tacky item on my list is stickers on car windows. Not the obnoxious political, self righteous bumper stickers that taunt us all as we drive but the equaling annoying stickers that children put on the inside of their parent’s vehicles.

At first sight I want to blame the brainless child in the passenger seat who is listlessly pasting the zoo animals onto the inside of the Volvo but at a second glance I place a bulk of the blame on the ignorant parents who are letting their property be damaged by dirty little hands.

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that at almost every dollar store there is usually a sticker book for sale that is strictly intended for the purpose of placing stickers on the pages. Nothing devalues a $35,000 SUV more than a scattered assortment of Goofy and Pooh bear stickers plastered across the backseat windows.

A quick tip for parents who allow themselves to be clowned by their own children that might help keep their windows clean and their pride intact: Do not place car seats near the rear windows and if your child is too big for a car seat simply tie their hands tightly behind their back until you arrive at your destination. 

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This entry was posted on October 7, 2010 by in All the Funny Things.

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