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Forget Me…Not!

Ok, I admit that I have been beyond lazy with my lack of posts lately but please give me another chance to ridicule the ridiculous world around us for your reading pleasure.

There are a few topics I would like to cover before I get set on one track;

1.) If you believe in miracles than you too were dazzled by the information that the owner of the Segway company died after he drove an upgraded version of the two-wheeled nuisance off of a cliff while tooling around on his English estate. The media was praying for a story line involving foul play but alas it was simply stupidity that killed the old man money bags.

2.) In Japan, ‘Jersey Shore’ literally translates into ‘The Macaroni Rascals’. It almost makes too much sense.

3.) Loads of people get killed by trains everyday. That surprises me considering trains are incredibly loud, terribly massive, and they only travel on designated tracks. In my town a teen was recently hit from behind by a train while he strolled down the tracks listening to an I-pod. Total Emeneim moment gone wrong.

4.) The British teenage drama called Skins makes Degrassi look like a tumble in the jungle gym. These Bristol kids have tons of sexual intercourse, they consume a questionable amount of narcotics, and the raves they attend make Studio 54 seem like an innocent school dance. Between the Autism kid, the blossoming lesbians, and the road rage episode I cannot help but drop my jaw in amazement. I don’t even know that HBO could handle this risky content.

5.) The idea of a child real estate agent has been picking at my brain and I promise that this is not the last you have heard of Reggie Wetbank. A kid who divorces his parents, sells his sandbox plot and goes on to become once of the most successful property brokers during the Recession is irresistible. More to come…

3 comments on “Forget Me…Not!

  1. D.D.Riley
    October 1, 2010

    Well fuckin done mate!

  2. Hobo D
    October 14, 2010

    rascals till death

  3. DJ Pauly D
    October 14, 2010

    you are the best!!!!! macaroni wascals for life…….beat that beat up

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