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Tia Tequila has made a mountain top worth of stupid statements since she first found fame as the super slut with the most Myspace friends, but this weekend she said something so outrageous that I don’t think I can go on until she apologizes and retracts the quote before I get really mad.

If you have not already heard, Tia took a vicious beating onstage at the Gathering, an Insane Clown Posse sponsored event attended and run by Juggalos, in Illinois. Apparently there was a pre-show rumor that the Juggalo family was preparing to pelt the reality TV star/all around whore/wannabe rapper/future burnout as soon as she stepped on stage. TT was informed about the premeditated extreme heckling by Violent J himself, but her pride was too strong and would not allow her to back down from the rowdy crowd waiting with stones, full beer cans, and human fecal matter in hand.

When a Juggalo makes a promise they stick to it like cheese in an arterial wall, so it was no surprise when Tequila was nailed with a wide range of unsavory objects that were flung her way as she performed her rap tracks. Firecrackers were tossed on stage when Tom Green came out and attempted to calm the angry wave of face paint that was intolerant to his coaxing.

Bloodied by the onslaught, Tia Tequila and her entourage fled to their trailer with an angry mob of Juggalos following in hot pursuit. Once they barricaded themselves inside the vehicle, Juggalos broke a window to try to get to their target of aggression. Before they could finish what they started, the trailer disappeared in a cloud of smoke and Tia Tequila fled the premises with more than a few bumps and bruises.

Generally I would not stick up for these backwoods clowns but in this case, and the fact that the victim was Tia fucking Tequila, I say, hurrah! It is about time something like this happens to someone like Tia Tequlia.

If stepping out on that stage was not enough, after the altercation, TT had this to say, “I’m hoping this is the last Juggalos gathering they’ll ever have.”

Take it back Tia, take it back! If you think having poop and rocks thrown at you was the worse thing that could ever happen, you are dead wrong. This is worse than the time you faked an abortion outside of the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. Give the Juggalos their Gathering!

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This entry was posted on August 17, 2010 by in All the Funny Things.

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