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No Good, Mon

Want to know what really gets my goat? Surprisingly enough, it is not the people who wear Crocs with socks or get tattoos of a dead relatives face on their arm. Not even the sound of a Friends theme song ringtone grinds my gears as hard as a reoccurring radio Reggae beat that lasts an entire eight-hour shift at work.

There are so many daily annoyances that can be overcome with a positive attitude and a little daydreaming, but the continuous rotation of tracks by Bob Marley-inspired musicians with an unflinching vision of free love and free places to crash is way too much to handle.

Hour three into the non-stop jam session and the nerves begin to fray. For a musical genre with beliefs based purely on one love, one light, and endless bong rips it certainly has the uncanny ability of driving me into an extreme state of agitation. It is bad enough to have to deal with insolent customers all day long, but to have to stay friendly and casual while being bombarded by jaw droppingly dumb inquiries takes a certain amount of grace and patience that is hard to attain while chained to a repetitive island bongo riff.

Smooth jazz, blended jazz, hair rock, soft rock, oldies, newbies, and even world music (whatever that means) is tolerable while on the clock. Keep the Reggae to yourself and we will not have a problem.

One comment on “No Good, Mon

  1. D.D.Riley
    June 6, 2010

    See you at the free side miss butt…

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