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Ryder Under Fire

Mary-Kate Olsen may dress like an urban hobo in drag, but you will never see her kissing Scott Wolf on a lighthearted Oxygen Network drama about workplace bullying. That is why when I saw a trailer for a CBS Sunday night movie starring Winona Ryder, I simply flipped my wig. When I think “Hallmark Hall of Fame” presentation the first plot line scenario that comes to mind goes something like this;

The guy from Coach gets stranded on Christmas Eve in an airport with his long-lost daughter and her rebellious teenagers. Mean while Sally Field waits at home in anticipation for her husband who would never bore her any children. A classic tale of resentment, abandonment, loneliness, rage, and holiday cheer that is guaranteed to put the emotional sprinklers on autopilot.

Shoplifting was a way cooler career move than agreeing to appear in this lame television tear jerker. Who doesn’t like to see a celebrity portrayal a cancer stricken single mother snowed in for the holidays with her dysfunctional family in a cabin by Lake Oberon, but not when it is being acted out by a once successful movie star.

Really and truly, the title of the movie is literally “When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story”. I want a Hollywood where movie stars don’t mingle with the television stars. Sure, go to Japan and make incredibly low-budget commercials for engraved dog chain phone cards, but when you are in this country keep your shit respectable.

3 comments on “Ryder Under Fire

  1. Say Ahhh!
    April 22, 2010

    Way to keep an open mind. This film is getting great reviews as is Winona’s performance! Give her a break already… this film has great potential. She could even be nominated for a Golden Globe or Emmy. Besides quite a few A-listers and Academy award winning actors have appeared in Hallmark films! Sorry this film isn’t “cool enough” for you. Though, maybe you’d be happy to know that Winona will be a key player in Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan” and she just signed on as the female lead in Ron Howard’s new film! Is that “cooler” for you…?

    • wordgossip
      April 22, 2010

      It would be way “cooler” if she just signed on and did Mr. Deeds part II like she promised us all. Did you work at the Kraft table on the set of this film or something? Blah!

  2. Say Ahhh!
    April 22, 2010

    Nope, didn’t work on the film…. just a fan of Winona’s work! I just though instead of bad mouthing a film you haven’t even seen, you could… I don’t know…watch it first! After that you feek free to trash it all you’d like! Though who knows, it might even be a decent film and you might actually enjoy it, even though it’s one of those atrocious Hallmark films! UGH! 🙂

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