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Smear’s Most Influential Person of 2009

With so many celebrities overdosing this past year, the ladies of Smear have decided to acknowledge one amazing women who overcame adversity and managed to make it back to the top of the totem pole alive.

DJ Nitetime Paddy

Although her true origins are still a mystery, DJ Nitetime Paddy has spent the last decade flowing at a menstrual pace. Her debut track, “Miss Murder Pants” was a club hit from Reno to Orlando.

In 2002, DJNT took her show on the road for the first time. With the help of opening act, UK white rapper Backwards Letters, Forwards Hats, the duo stained the scene with their brand of unapologetic verse and wicked dance moves. Sadly the success of their collaboration was overshadowed by a turbulent personal relationship that sent the couple into a downward spiral of excessive Midol and Mickey’s consumption.

Two years later DJNTP found herself at the top of the charts with her best-selling single to date, “Bloody Sheets and Tampon Dreams”. This time the DJ supreme decided to splash her style from coast to coast solo. That same year she joined forces with hip-hop producer Coins Dat Drop and revolutionized the music industry forever.

Mid decade brought some major hardship for DJ Nitetime Paddy and her crew. Two nights after receiving a Wammy! Award for her third album titled ‘Tuck and Flow: The Bloody Hidden Tracks Collection’, DJNTP slammed her tour bus into a moderately busy Burger King in an alcohol fueled attempt at reclaiming her royal paper crown status that she was stripped of when she used to flip burgers at the fast food joint. After a highly publicized arrest and a string of unflattering mug shots, the rap princess was reduced to seclusion. It would be another three years before DJNT would resurface from the Get Well Moneybags Rehabilitation Center.

That brings us to the final chapter in the life and times of DJNTP. The year is 2009, popular music on the whole is a complete load of crap and her fans are soaked in anticipation for the release of her new album. ‘Double Plugger’s Delight’ is a twelve track odyssey documenting the trails and tribulations of  the unique artist. With its raw back beat and saturated sound the title track, “Bloody Sheets”, is destined to become a classic.

Wings, DJ Nitetime Paddy’s longtime friend and manager sums up the singer’s way of life in this statement he sent Smear Campaign;

“Look people, you can’t catch a pumpkin and put it in a pie.”

Whatever DJ Nitetime Paddy’s music means to you, in a decade full of douche bags and reality television hags she has kept it real without drowning out her mass appeal. And for that we crown her 2009’s most influential person.

2 comments on “Smear’s Most Influential Person of 2009

  1. greyson singleton
    December 31, 2009

    Yeah Me and DJNTP used to do the nasty before her Wammy awards and fame. I guess this is my fifteen minutes of fame.

  2. wordgossip
    January 5, 2010

    Oh yeah! Singleton got his red wings from DJNTP… I remember we had to bleach his mustache after that hook up.

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