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90’s Hype

tazBack in the 1990s, Rollerblades were the preferred mode of transportation, Nike Pumps made you believe that you could jump high enough to shatter the backboard, and multicolored JanSport backpacks were key chain clad and always filled with Trapper Keeper files. If you happened to stroll through the pajama rack at any Macy’s department store you might likely find an assorted collection of Tweety Bird nightgowns, most of which were recalled after the Kathie Lee Gifford agency was informed that her production line was being operated by one-armed orphans from St. Abandonment Academy in the Little Filipino community of West Los Angeles.

At least that is what the picture of the 90s looked like through the eyes of a wistful kid, but what about the teenagers and young adults of that plaid tattered decade? If you are mindful of your surroundings and take the time to gander at the tattoos on people born before 1979, you will find that most, if not all, of their permanent markings follow what I like to call the Three T’s Trifecta. Taz, Tribal, and Triangle. These are the designs that dominate the calf and bicep regions of the unfortunately inked.

Blame it all on the 90s’s hype, man. It is hard to believe that there was a brief moment in history when it was acceptable, and even considered cool in some cases, to display your wacky/self-destructive side with a whirling Warner Bros Taz. Some urban rituals of the age ended with a group of Bungee jumpers banding together forever by branding their upper arms with thick black, intertwining lines that were supposed to represent courage or immortality. If cartoons and ancient wall paintings were not you idea of individual identification then the mysterious eye in the center of a triangle pattern probably appealed to you.

Whether you chose a tribal design off the wall of a tattoo parlor called Roadies, got wasted and had your unemployed neighbor shamefully scribble Taz wielding a butcher knife on your leg, or found that inner peace you so desired by placing 3-D triangles on the back of your neck then you are a victim of 90’s hype.

One comment on “90’s Hype

  1. Natty
    October 25, 2009

    Don’t believe the hype! Take those shell-toes off, take it off

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