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Eat Fast, Die Young PT. 6

frozen_collageRound #4: Mixing it Up!

Brands: Patio, Swanson, Hungry Man

Dish #1: Patio’s Enchilada Combo
To be completely fair, this meal ended up getting the sticky end of the fork. By dinner twelve I had dropped the professional bullshit and embraced the autopilot reflexes of my swallowing muscles. My beer-logged belly accepted the saucy enchilada and put up little resistance against the disagreeable watery beans and rice that wrapped up my final bites of the experiment.

Dish #2: Swanson Classics Fried Chicken Strips
This frozen dish made me want to set up my Ninja Turtles t.v. tray, watch an A-Team marathon, and chomp on the most comforting meal to ever settle in my tummy. With its well balanced taste and texture, this is the quintessential TV dinner. The breaded chicken was crispy and the fries were genuinely badass.

The delicious chicken went perfectly with the corn, which is usually a boring side dish, but this time was a brilliant inclusion into a meal that tasted as good as the stuff my mom used to re-heat. Stick this one in a conventional oven if you want a truly otherworldly food experience!
-Young Guns-

Dish #3: Hungry Man Salisbury Steak
If you are going to base a meal on the promise of 1LB of food, make that pound count. These were the best mashed potatoes I tasted all night, but the green beans were watery and the beef crumbled in my mouth before I could even comment on it. After twelve frozen meals my taste buds were reduced to mush.

However, quantity is more important than quality when you are truly a “Hungry Man”. At less than $2.00 a pop, I would recommend this meal from anyone who lists their occupation as ‘guy that stands at an intersection with the road sign’, as a viable means of caloric survival.
-kid killowatt-

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