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Eat Fast, Die Young PT.5


Round #3: Bold and Beefy

Brand: Nighthawk

Dish #1: Beef n’ Taters
The basic vibe of this two-layer dish let me know that Nighthawk does not play around with its meat. You got your pipping hot platter of beef and you’ve got your pile of tater tots in front of you and there is only one word that comes to mind…America. Nighthawk smells like a lumberjack and tastes like Old Glory.

Unfortunately a patriotic front does not always mean there isn’t a traitor lurking about. The taters that smelled so good prior to service were reduced to a watery mush by cooling time. Not the best I’ve ever tasted, but not necessarily something to go AWOL over.

Dish #2: Seasoned Beef Patty and Squash Blend
First off, “burgundy wine” is listed in the ingredients so I assume you have to be at least 21 to eat this “hawk”. The beef was so good it should be illegal.
Although there was no hint of alcohol flavor detected in the mix, the squash blend was a mellow mold of zucchini, carrots, onions, and cheese that were overcooked, but still tasty.
-Young Guns-

Dish #3: Taste of Texas
With a seven minute cook time, this was the longest I have ever had to wait for semi-instant gratification and let me tell you it was only semi-worth the wait. Nighthawk should offer meat only meals, play with your strengths.
All three varieties of the Nighthawk meat proved to be super tasty, but just because the main course is great does not mean you should serve a moon-rock hard chunk of cornbread.
Here is a prayer:”Nighthawk, please save me from this disgusting side dish, and deliver me some juicy meat cubes in all shapes and sizes.” We will find our double starch reward in heaven. Amen.
-kid killowatt-

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